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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> tonight the strikes resume. new missiles fall on israel and gaza after plans to extent a cease-fire break down. john baylegislator reports,. >> i want to recognize israel as a jewish state. >> two americans inside africa have now tested positive for a ebola virus. mark albert reports. what happened vicente reigns speaks with them. and the emotional hall of fame induction ceremony in cooperstown today. >> you can be somewhat special if you can really work at it.
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>> this is the cbs evening news. >> good evening everyone i'm jeff glor. they've been trading mix fire for 20 days now. today they were also trading cease-fire proposals with no success. new smoke rose over gaza city today. israel's response after they said hamas fired a barrage of rockets this morning. there was a hope a 12 hour lull in the fighting yesterday might be extended. those ended as others have violently. more of charlie rose april interview with a leader of hamas. we start with don daylor in. >> ten minutes after the humanitarian truce end they had morning, rockets being fired from a school in gaza gaza. even as the explosive project isles were fliel -- hour later.
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on cbs news face the nation, prment benjamin netanyahu: >> they violated their own cease-fire and they are firing us as we speak. israel is not obliged and will not legality a terrorist organization, a ruthless terrorist organization committed to our destruction, to decide where and when it is convenient for them to symptom re-- to stop rearm and continue firing on our citizens. >>reporter: president obama called netanyahu to personally ask him for peace. to destroy the network of tunnels it sees as the greatest threat to the nation's security. there is hope that goal can be accomplished within the next few
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days. and today, in response to outrage over the killing of 15 receivables, mostly children, in a u.n. operated school last thursday, the idf released this video. it says it shows a single mortar shell exploding in the school's courtyard. israel says it wasn't their fault and they contradict hamas. they say the courtyard was full of people at the time and there was more than one explosion. the reaction to that video even among israelis has been skeptical, as to a larger issue of a long time cease fire, the question remains whether israel will accede to hamas demands. that there be an end to the conflict. >> john daylor, thank you. head of hamas, being khaled
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meshaal. based on neither ethnicity nor religion. >> we are not fanatics, not fundamentalists, we don't actually fight the jews because they are jews. we do not fight any other races. why fight the occupiers. on the contrary, we actually respect the religious people. we ask for tolerance for co-existence for jews, the crufnts and the muz -- christian and the muslims. god created us as nations and the koran says that, in order for the nations to lift together without occupation. >> i think i just heard you say, and this will close on this, you believe in the co-existence of peoples and therefore you believe in the co-existence of palestinians and israelis in the
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middle east? >> to coexist with occupation. >> without occupation you can coexist? >> i'm ready to coexist with the jews, with the christians with the arabs and nonarabs, and those who agree with my ideas and also not agree with them. i do coexist to with those is of -- >> it is one thing to say you want to can he exist with the jews, another if you want to coexist with the state of israel. do you want to coexist with the state of israel? do you want to represent -- do you want to recognize israel as a jewish state? >> i said i do not want to live with a state of occupiers. i do coexist with other -- >> you mean they're no longer occupiers? at that point, do you want to
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coexist and recognize their right to exist? if they would recognize your right to exist? >> and then -- when we have a palestinian state then the palestinian state will decide on its policies. we cannot actually ask me, about the future. i answered you. but palestinian people can have their say when they have their own state. without occupation, natural situations, they can decide policies vis-a-vis others. >> thank you. >> you can see more of charlie's interview with hamas's khaled meshaal tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening on the show charlie rose. two people working in africa have tested positive for the ebola virus, have killed at least 672 people since february. mark albert has more of this.
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>> the 33-year-old doctor from indianapolis stayed to fight it as did nancy ripol a hygienist from charlotte. the highly contagious in contact and fatal in 90% of cases. there is no known cure. doctors treating ebola patients wear full protective gear such as these synthetic suits and goggles. but brant li still got in effected. ken isaac says it is investigating how the two contracted the virus. >> dr. branlt and nancy are both in stable condition tonight. they have fevers. they have body aches and pains. they are not out of the woods yet. our prayer is that they survive. and tonight they are in stable condition. >> isaac says brant li and riple
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showed symptoms, the same day a senior lye we'rian doctor died of ebola. william shafler is an infectious disease expert. >> every person who undertakes the disease understands there's a risk even if you are using the gear. >> being. >> the risk from casual contact from people who have come back from eas africa is zero. the fact that you have to have intimate contact with people's bodily fluids puts you at risk. >> a group from the international surgery in indianapolis the group decided the danger is just too great. mark albert, cbs news,
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washington. >> france told, arrival militias battled for control of the tripoli airport. at least 38 people were killed in fighting across libya today. once again preven preventing international workers from reaching the crash scene in ukrainian. charlie d'agata is joining us, charlie. >> four hour drive they were turned back of fears fighting between pro-russian separatists and ukrainian military. may be an indication that the ukrainian military is trying to gain control and access to that area. about 200 bodies have been recovered so far sent back to holland, but there maye dozens that remain at the crash site itself. the u.s. state department released satellite images that
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shows heavy weapons, rockets that were fired from russia into crien, furthermore -- ukraine. furthermore they said that these attacks happened after the downing of the malaysia airlines fight. a european union commission said they would try again to get ceas to the fight, there's no indication it will be any less dangerous than today. >> charlie d'agata, thanks. 37 large scale fires are currently burning in the western half of this country. crews in california are battling a 4,000 acre wildfire west of sacramento and yosemite national park. here ising terry okita. >>reporter: flames grew close to homes and wineries in northern california pushed by triple-digit temperatures and strong winds. there are 1500 firefighters battling this one wildfire. called the sand fire. it started after a car sparked
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dry vegetation and has already destroyed at least ten homes. over a thousand residents have been evacuated. todd jenson isn't one of them. he says neighbors want him to be their eyes and ears. >> are their animals still there? you feel helpless, what can you do. >> 100 miles south at yosemite national park, hot shot crews are tackling a fire that's grown to 2100 acres, destroyed one home and forced the evacuation of a campground full of tourists during the height of a summer season. investigators are still looking into what started the fire but they know lightning caused a smaller active one nearby. in the last two weeks over 3,000 lightning strikes have hit yosemite, costing spot fires, most are smoal dering and die out them selves.
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now suffering from a historic drought, now in the midst of a dangerous summer fire season and more hot dry days in the season. terry okita, cbs news, langz. >> stretching all the way from michigan to new england bringing a range much rough weather. this video of hail was taken in kentucky, wisely from inside the house. in sheboygan, wisconsin, and worchester massachusetts. forecasters have issued warnings in three different states. paramedics struck by lightning in the boardwalk in venice beach, california. power outage in that area. also, a terrible scene in venice florida, a man was walking with his daughter on casperson beach
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a. >> two men on a kayak were able to enter a restricted area at nenew york's jfk airport. the second such northwestern in in -- snent in tw assistant in . vicente arenas has more. >> it was this kayak that justin crooms and anthony giglio used to reach the airport. crewman giglio said their kayak had overturned. >> we were almost drowning. we were kind of like couldn't
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hold onto the boat. we were getting pulled under and out, and flowed under a little bit. >> the maintenance workers called police. i.t. was in this area two years ago that the man who is jet ski ran out of gas, crossed an eight foot fence and over two cifer runways. he was never detected by the motion decorates. william vorlicheck is a counterterrorism expert. >> what happened? was the person detected? did the system detect it? did the system tell somebody. >> the kayakers were not close enough to set off the system's alarms or to cause concern among law enforcement. but in the statement to cbs news the port authority's system said, adequate marine parole
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services is not in the flying public's best interest. in an e-mail the port authority told cbs news the kayakers did not reach the secured air field. they were seeking help at a restricted water area and were encountered quickly and provided help. >> jeff, the kayakers were sitebut not -- cited but not arrested. >> vicente, thank you very much. the costa concordia, two years capsized off giglio island before being righted last fall. 32 people were killed when that ship ran aground in 2012. up next, managers and players both in the lineup at cooperstown today.
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it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative. especially when it's miralax. it hydrates, eases, and softens, to unblock your system naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. >> the 2014 baseball hall of fame class has been inducted and georgia was a special focus this afternoon as former braves pitchers tom glavine and greg maddux and bobby cox, also
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inducted were tony la russa and frank thomas of colum georgia. >> you can be someone special if you really work at it. i take that to heart, pops. look at us today! [applause] >> the u.s. open of surfing is urngd way in huntington beach, california. it is a little bit different scaled down to avoid some of the riding that took place last year. nine day competition. a group of thieves in texas picked the wrong convenience store to target. they were trying to jump an employee in the parking lot as he carried money in the bank. they didn't know this man's co-worker here in gray was a mixed martial arts competitor from sri lanka. the others got away. still to come.
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is . >> we close tonight with a story from barry petersen.
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barry has been covering the ongoing conflict in israel and palestine all week. this is a bit what he's seen. >> the first thing you notice is the kids. even among me in the back. they say their one english word hello. and then after an attack, the first thing you notice are the kids. they don't know when to duck. or where to run. the kids learn fast. the khetan elkass's aunt is smart but she knows what to do before things smart. pepper the area with white smoke to warn what is coming. and other times, the strikes land without warning. so jangled nerves have made me hypervigilant like hitting the ground when a rocket was fired
6:27 pm
out. my guide in telling people stories here is palestinian journalist, marwan al ghoul, now he is the story. showing us pictures of his beloved pink house near the israeli border. when he went to check it yesterday, it was gone, in a shell hole in the ground. >> last night. my wife was asking why. >> in the weeks in gaza there have been many like the al ghoul family. >> what does it do to you? what does it do to your anger? >> the civilian people who become homeless. they become more aggressive to their lives. it is not good for peace. >>reporter: can people forgive after this, can you forgive? >> no. >> round 2, the home of his
6:28 pm
sister. but in truth there has been much suffering on both sides. leaving to worry that there may not be room left for reconciliation at the end of the war, only anger that may need another one. barry petersen, cbs news, gaza. >> that is the cbs evening news, later on cbs 60 minutes and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. i'm jeff glor. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night.
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keep your eyes on the sky this evening. some severe weather that may be headed this way. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us on this sunday. we could be in for some storm -- we could be in on some storms this afternoon. erica grow is here with more on the yellow alert. >> that's right, bruce. you can see them approaching on the three-hour loop as they are still about 100, maybe even 120 miles away from washington. but the heavy amounts of lightning and also the reds and oranges indicating that this is a pretty strong thunderstorm that's moving in to garrett county right now. it does not have any severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings associated with it, but this red shading, it's a tornado watch that is in effect for


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